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Hearing the Jesus story, people respond in different ways to Jesus: ranging from rallying to him to raging against him. In the video above we share four simple thoughts on what a positive response to this Gospel looks like, for those closer to rallying than raging:

  1. We all still have questions
    Don’t feel you need all the answers before you can respond, but do keep chasing them down. If Christianity and Jesus is all true, there can’t be anything more important than getting to grips with it.
    There’s loads of videos on here, but you can also check out our sister site, The Bridge, which has tonnes of content about living as a Christian.

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  2. Ask another Christian about their faith
    Perhaps there is a Christian you know and respect at school, uni or work – why not ask them a bit about their faith? In fact, spending time with other people who follow Jesus to find out more of what he is like is one of the things Christians have been doing for millennia. We call it church! Find a church near you and look into joining their youth or student group. If there isn’t one, perhaps there is a Christian Union at your school where other Christians meet. Try linking up with them. Because following Jesus on your own won’t work – it’s like spending all your time going up the down escalator, you’ll soon be swept along by the crowd the other way.
    Our friends at Fusion can help you find a church near you:

  3. Spend time with God
    As with getting to know anyone better, the best way to do so is to spend time with them. The same is true with God: and the place we turn to do that is reading the Bible and prayer. Both are pretty daunting to start out, so we’d recommend picking up a resource to help. Soul Survivor’s Bible In One Year divides the bible up into chunks readable in a day and comes with accompanying videos online to explain what you’re reading. All you need is a bible and an internet connection. And you can even find free apps with an audio bible you can download so you can listen to the bible being read.

    Bible In One Year

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  4. Make a commitment
    If you think you’re ready to follow Jesus, there’s something really significant about drawing a line in the sand and making a specific commitment. If this is you, why not have a read of the prayer below and then, if you’re happy with it, pray it to God as a commitment to following Him.

Lord Jesus Christ,
I am sorry for the things I have done wrong in my life. (Take a few moments to ask His forgiveness for anything particular that is on your conscience.) Please forgive me, I now turn from everything which I know to be wrong.
Thank You that You died on the cross for me so that I could be forgiven and set free.
Thank You that You offer me forgiveness and the gift of Your Spirit that you walk with me through every day of my life. I now receive that gift.
Please come into my life by Your Spirit to be with me forever.
Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

That’s it! Welcome to the family. We’d love to know that you’ve made this commitment so we can celebrate and be praying for you. Let us know using the form here. Also, life alone as a Christian isn’t easy, so make sure you talk to a Christian you know and find a church or Christian Union where you can spend time with other Christians. Tell them that you’ve just made a commitment through this site.

We’re praying for you as you set out on your new life with Jesus.